Room Rates

From 01/04/2014

East: £90 per night for two people (£70 per night single occupancy)

South: £85 per night for two people (£70 per night single occupancy)

Dogs: I have a lazy cat, and a young border collie, who do not go upstairs. I welcome well behaved dogs, by arrangement, so long as they don’t eat my hens, or sleep on the beds!

Things are changing at Broughton House

Thanks to HMRC trying to steal my money in the form of taxes – from 2017 onwards Broughton House will be closed during November, December, and January, and I will be spending more time with my son, Ben, in Colombia, and all points south. Last year, to mark the start of my 65th year, I had an “Awfully Big Adventure”, and drove my Citroen 2CV., Modestine, from Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, north, through Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and – finally – Colombia, before shipping it home again. Here is a photo of my “Transport of Delight” in front of Broughton House – and she proved to be the perfect vehicle for an adventure of this nature.


If you would like to read about the trip, take a look at my blog on

This year I am going back to deal with the high parts, that Modestine couldn’t quite make it to (not enough oxygen for her little engine), and I will, once again, be leaving Broughton House, and the menagerie, in the capable hands of house-sitters Rhian and Rob Marshall. This year, they are keeping the Garden Houses open for business, so if you want to book a self-catering break during the winter, in the Little Garden House, which sleeps one, or the Garden House, which sleeps two, then ring 01539536439 to book. If you want to make a reservation for any time after the end of January, then e mail Cate on and she will answer as soon as she can.

See you next year.